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A Notional Cultural Framework & Arts Policy

Prepared for the Cultural Development Network as a response to the call by the Minister for the Arts, Peter Garrett, for input to the development of a 'National Cultural Policy to 2020'.

Culture - making sense together

'(Culture) is the embodiment of values, traditions, expressions and, ultimately, hopes, and it manifests in and through many different mediums and across a very wide landscape. So we begin with an essential principle, namely, affirming the right that all Australians, whatever their background, have to the benefits of cultural activity.'

Peter Garrett, 'A National Cultural Policy to 2020', to the National Press Club 27/10/09

A society's values are the basis upon which all else is built. These values and the ways they are expressed are a society's culture. The way a society governs itself cannot be fully democratic without there being clear avenues for the expression of community values, and unless these expressions directly affect the directions society takes. These processes are culture at work.

Cultural vitality is as essential to a healthy, engaged and sustainable society as social equity, environmental responsibility and economic viability. In order for public planning to be more effective, its methodology needs to include an integrated framework of cultural evaluation along similar lines to those being developed for social, environmental and economic impact.

To this end, the Commonwealth Government will: