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Applying the four perspectives to art

In considering the application of public resources to artmaking, the four perspectives can be used to examine the potential public benefit

Environmental Respect

Social Inclusivity

Economic Equity

Cultural Vitality

Resources / context / diversity / mapping

Power / structure / connection / governance

Wealth / production / distribution / commonwealth / exchange / trade

Ideas / purpose / animation / planning

The basic questions





What do we start with?

Who decides?

Who benefits?

Where do we want to go?


Understanding & appreciation of our diverse tangible & intangible heritages

Active citizenship

Universal empowerment

Social inclusion & capital

Participatory democracy

Humane production

Equitable distribution

Universal resource access

Active participation

Diverse authenticity

Continuing engagement

What's going on

Embodying the past

Conserving & transmitting diverse heritages






Critiquing the present

Community strengthening

Community literacy / eloquence / discourse

Communication & education enhancement

Public health/wellbeing improvement

Public place making

Calculating the cost

Commodity production

Industrial/professional practice

General productivity & employability improvements

Tourism, entertainment, leisure

Imagining the future

Making meaning

Encapsulating (holding) meaning

Expressing meaning

Transmitting meaning

Enlivening meaning

Will implementation....

... fruitfully & sustainably use resources?

... stimulate democratic power distribution?

... be financially achievable?

... stimulate creative public discourse?

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