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Lives of Artists

Approaches to surviving while making art

It's no easy thing having an artmaking predisposition. Obsessives find different ways of managing their gift / affliction. Here are some. Many of these approaches can be undertaken concurrently; all can be part of the serial portfolio. Artists tend to be flexible.


Compulsive purist

Poor but honest; my genius will be recognised; I am able do nothing but my art

Realistic purist

My art must not be sullied; I'll wait tables, drive taxis or even get a job as an arts administrator or teacher while making art in my spare time

Entrepreneurial idealist (individual)

I will make my art & sell it (or get someone else to sell it for me)

Entrepreneurial idealist (collective)

We will make our art & sell it (or get someone else to sell it for us)

Entrepreneurial pragmatist

I will tailor my art to the market


I can apply my arts skills commercially (and make my real art in my spare time)

Scam artist

I will do deals that give me the time/space to make my art: perhaps score a grant, rob a bank or do a drug deal


I will devote my life to helping others to liberate their innate creativity

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