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Proposal of a new cultural policy profile

Extracts from Jordi Pascual's Culture & Sustainable Development 1/9/09 UCLG

Released as Culture 21: Report 4; distributed as Circular 33 from UCLG / Barcelona Cultural Institute Agenda 21 for Culture


This report suggests the new cultural policy profile is based on the argument of "culture as the fourth pillar of sustainable development". The main reasons can be summarised as follows.

  1. It is a new argument.
  2. It offers a wide picture that does not instrumentalise culture.
  3. It preserves the intrinsic values of culture (memory, creativity, diversity, dialogue, rituality) as the core of cultural policies.
  4. It allows artistic and cultural stakeholders to connect with ecological stakeholders and jointly discuss on sustainability.
  5. It responds to the interest that social movements and stakeholders find in the dialogue and diversity, as well as other cultural values.
  6. It responds to the interest of economic agents to use the arts and culture as an asset for growth and exports of cities and nations (creative class, creative cities ...) mainly through cultural and creative industries. The argument of the fourth pillar does not hamper the culture-economy relation (it can be prioritized, if needed).
  7. It empowers the cultural sector. It allows cultural professionals to be regarded and heard as other professionals as economists, planners or ecologists. This argument can be embraced by the cultural spheres, but also by other spheres.
  8. It leads to the involvement of civil society in the elaboration and implementation of policies.
  9. It entails the growing importance of culture in international relations and diplomacy.
  10. It is a clear and beautiful image.

Organisational chart for the proposal of a new cultural policy profile

Organisational Chart

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