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Cultural planning in local government

I'm constantly being asked what the actual impact of The Fourth Pillar has been on local government. Here are some examples.
This is very much a list in progress (if that's the right word). Please email me when you come across something I've missed.

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In my view, the impact has been underwhelmimg. The language has been assimilated into local government planning rhetoric with apparent wholehearted acceptance.
However, I'm yet to come across a cultural policy or plan that actually comes to terms with the idea of applying a cultural perspective to ALL policy (the fundamental proposition of The Fourth Pillar argument).
Most cultural plans are really arts and heritage plans.
There is a clearer understanding of the value (indeed existence) of diversity, a more inclusive sense of what constitutes 'art' and a deeper appreciation of art's contribution to place-making and social connectedness - for which we can be thankful.
BUT, the concept of culture as describing the processes of how communities and societies make and transmit meaning doesn't really seem to have caught on, or if it has, the ramifications of how this might impact on planning doesn't seem to have reached consciousness.
Perhaps the most profound change has been nominal: What were once Arts Branches have now become Arts & Culture Departments.

New Zealand

Local government in New Zealand is required by law to assess its activities against 'the four wellbeings', one of which is 'cultural wellbeing'.

MCS: Cultural Well-Being and Local Government


Creative City Network: Cultural Planning Toolkit

External Advisory Committee on Cities and Communitiies From Restless Communities to Resilient Places: Building a Stronger Future for all Canadians

Province of Ontario: Municipal Cultural Planning and Municipal Cultural Planning Partnership (thanks to Colin Mercer for alerting me to these)

Toronto: Culture Plan: Developing the Creative City (and this one too) and Creative City Planning Framewrok

Quebec: Notre culture, au coeur du developpement durable; Plan d'action 2009-2013


DCMS: "Leading the Good Life" - Guidance on Integrating Cultural & Community Strategies

DCMS: Living Spaces: Culture & Sport Planning Toolkit


Advice on local implementation of the Agenda 21 for Culture


Many State governments in Australia now provide cultural planning guidelines for local government; for example:

NSW: Cultural Planning Guidelines for Local Government

QLD: ArtsYakka: Cultural planning and policy making with community

Some Australian local government cultural plans on the web that mention The Fourth Pillar are:

Bass Coast (Vic) Arts and Culture Plan 2009-2012

Cardinia (Vic) Arts and Culture Policy 2009-2012

Dubbo (NSW) Cultural Plan 2008-2012

Eurobodalla (NSW) Cultural Plan 2006-2010

Glenelg (Vic) Cultural Strategy Plan

Gosnells (WA) Cultural Plan 2007-2010

Holroyd (NSW) Cultural Plan: Cultural Vitality in Holroyd City 2006-2011

Hornsby (NSW) Cultural Plan 2008-2010

Kogarah (NSW) Cultural Plan

Marion (SA) 'Living Our Culture' The City of Marion Cultural Plan 2005-2010

Mundaring (WA) Cultural Plan 2009-2012

Port Stephens (NSW) Cultural Plan 2009-2013

Redland (Qld) Our City Our Culture A Cultural Plan for the Redlands 2008-2018

Wollongong (NSW) Cultural Plan 2006-2011

Yarra (VIC) Arts and Cultural Plan 2005/09

Yarra Ranges (Vic) Cultural Policy and Action Plan 2008-2013

LGSA NSW The NSW Local Government Association keeps an archive of cultural plans from across the State.

15/10/09 Jon Hawkes <email> <web>

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